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| Published in Famous People Interesting Facts | Written by Wade Tackett

Ten Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein You Didn’t Know

A famous physicist Albert Einstein is known as the author of the general relativity theory as well as the idea of equivalence of energy and mass. He received a Nobel Prize for his theoretical inventions and made huge contribution into the further development of science and quantum physics in particular. While we are aware of these crucial facts, there are some points of Einstein’s life…

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| Published in Education in the World Interesting Facts | Written by Thomas Stroup

5 Reasons to Enter Ivy League

A strong basis of the British higher education system and the American go-go spirit, love of all new things along with a positive scientificcompetition. This unique combination allowed creating a world-famous association of eight private American universities known as the Ivy League. According to the Ivies have been included into the top 15 colleges and universities in the United States constantly confirming their elite…

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| Published in Interesting Facts Technology | Written by James Macaluso

Is It So Easy to Launch Your Own Tech Startup? The Dirty Secret of the Software Development Industry

Throughout the years in software development services, a strong impression that I am doing something wrong was growing and grew so big it turned to become an existential problem. The thing is… I worked with startups a lot. Same with my colleagues from other software development companies… And when we gathered on our small industry meetings – usually small meetups with a glass of whiskey…

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| Published in Famous People Interesting Facts | Written by Irene Adler

Education of Famous Inventor and Engineer Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin was born in a Jewish family in Moscow, on 21st of August, 1973. His mother Eugenia and father Michael gained education at Moscow State University. Brin, his parents and grandmother were living in the center of the city in a large three-room apartment. However, they had to experience some restrictions as well. Soviet Union with its anti-Semitic tendencies made the life of Jewish…

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