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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Patricia May

What Problems Do Students Face Living In College Hostels?

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Most people speak of college years as the best time of their life. Friends, parties, relative independence, which is most cases is still financed by parents. This sounds like a dream that came true. Is it that smooth and shiny though?  We decided to look into some problems that students might be facing when transferring from the nest of their parents’ home to hostel rooms.


Yes, it does sound pretty much like an advantage, rather than an issue. However, most students are not able to cope with living on their own straight away. It usually takes time to adjust, sometimes even a couple of years. The thing is, juggling home responsibilities such as doing laundry, and studies can be tricky. Good time management skills are required here, which is not always the case with 17-year-olds.

Food quality

Often as not hostel food is a whole new story. Used to home cooking, college students often have troubles adjusting to what is called “food” at hostels. Even if the hostel menu is thought through and balanced, it still makes a severe contrast to what they’re used to eating at home, which in turn aggravates the stress of changing one’s living environment. We can’t say that hostel food is THAT bad, but it definitely has issues compared to home cooking.

Hygiene issues

If a person is used to a certain level of hygiene, even not personal, hostels will come as something of an ordeal. It is extremely difficult to maintain a hygienic environment with so many people living in a single building. Shower rooms and toilets represent the biggest challenge, and it often takes time and plenty of mental efforts to ignore the dirt.

Privacy issues

This problem derives from the previous one. Not being able to spend time alone is a major problem for almost any person. When your every movement is watched, it’s quite easy to get tired of attention. Even extraverts will understand the struggle. Hostels do not provide any opportunity for spending time on one’s own, and to do so, a person would have to find an isolated place somewhere else.

Room sharing

Those who have never had siblings will hardly understand the ordeal of room sharing. Suddenly you have to take other people into account – their sleeping habits, whether they snore at night or listen to music too loudly. Living together requires a lot of compromise, and if a person is not used to give and take, they will have plenty of troubles adjusting. (Read about: Something New About US Education)


Alas, not all people are 100% honest, which leads to thefts within the student community. It is quite hard to keep an eye on one’s things all day (and night) long. That’s why it’s better to store one’s valuables in a safe deposit box.

All in all, living in a hostel is related to some issues. However, the pros, such as the unforgettable atmosphere and living together with your friends, leave the cons far behind, not to mention that with a few measures taken, the negative impact of the latter can be mitigated.