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What is the Price of Studying in US? (For Non-Residents Dedicated)

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In 2016 HSBC made the report, in which is said that US universities are considered as the top choice by parents who want their children to study abroad. At the same time, this country remains one of the most expensive to get education.

The studying cost, in the US Colleges, includes a lot of factors, that’s why both students and parents should check all of them, before making a decision what education institution to choose. Besides, it was calculated an average annual cost of tuition fees – 33,215 dollars. Multiply this number by four (as for most undergraduate programs) and you will get the cost which is unreal for many students.

But don’t give up, there is always some solution

The number announced by HSBC isn’t absolutely final. We need to understand that it may vary in different directions. Surely, there is a group of top universities (they are usually private non-profit ones) where the fees and cost for living may reach about 60,000 dollars per year! But, there are also colleges and universities, where you can study for much smaller money. People who look for some university with more accessible tuition fees should pay attention to the public sector. Here means state university system, US public universities have two tuition fee rates. The first one is for state applicants, and the second one is for applicants who live in other US states or abroad, it is more expensive.


Two-year colleges can be taken into account as well; this is the cheapest option, but they provide only an associate’s degree. In other words, it’s a half way to getting a Bachelor’s degree.  Later you can complete it, if you spend two or three additional years at the university. College Board, a student support organization, estimated an approximate budget (including living expenses and transport) for 2016/2017 academic year for the undergraduate student. If you are the student of a community college, you will need to pay 17,000 dollars. Students of a four-year public college are expected to pay over 24,000 dollars (in-state citizens) or almost 40,000 dollars (out-of-state citizens). Students enrolled for the program at private non-profit four-year college have to pay about 49,000 dollars.


It’s worth saying that the published price does not always coincide with the price students really pay. Students in the USA can use different sources of funding, every year a very high percentage of full-time undergraduate students receive financial aid. It is typical for the higher education system in the USA when the best universities with the highest prices offer pretty generous funds. This situation is widespread across the country. Today student financial aid involves the following types: a grant, a scholarship, a work-study scheme and an assistantship.

The opportunity to get a financial support is given to the students from other countries too. Huge amounts of money are allocated to help international undergraduates by such prestigious universities as Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many others.

In most cases students apply for the aid when their applications are submitted. There are elite universities where student’s financial situation is considered after admission process, because it ensures that the most talented applicants will be able to attend classes. More detailed information about financial support is available on universities’ websites.


Now your American dream seems a little bit closer, perhaps…

Maybe soon you will be packing your stuff in order to find your own place on campus of some US college. Just imagine how it is to attend lectures, write essays, make various academic projects, meet interesting people, share your dorm room with a new friend, and enjoy other benefits of being US student.