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| Published in Art | Written by Tracy R. Baro

Top Music Genres for Studies and Mental Activity

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“Turn off the music and get down to your home assignment!” Familiar words, aren’t they? Many of us used to hear them from parents in our remote childhood. Even nowadays there exists the assumption that effective work is possible in quiet surroundings, where only thoughts can be heard.

But one man’s meat is another man’s poison. A pin-drop silence can make some people go crazy and does not encourage studying in any way while discreet music can produce invaluable effect on your efficiency.

Positive influence of music was discovered and acknowledged long ago. Besides its healing qualities, music is able to boost the spirits and make you progress in education or any other activity.

So what melodies are particularly energetic and irreplaceable for studies? Here is a collection of the most favorable music genres and tracks for brainwork.

You might have already guessed that classical music tops our chart. Give your nod to Mozart’s music, which is scientifically proven to increase mental activity. According to the wide-spread hypothesis, Mozart’s symphonies make people smarter. This statement is also known as Mozart’s effect. Interested? Check how it works, listening to Sonata #11, Symphony # 31, also known as “Paris”, or one of his last compositions, like Symphonies # 39, 40.

More classics? In terms of productivity, pieces of music composed by Vivaldi are difficult to underestimate. It will just suffice to mention his “Four Seasons” or “Violin Concerto.”  Light and dynamic, full of energy and juice of life, Vivaldi’s music will not leave you indifferent.

If perennial classic is definitely not your style, then instrumentally performed melodies are just what the doctor ordered. Similarly to classics, instrumental music has a positive impact on any mental activity. Among my favorite are “Blues after Hours”, Jimmy Thackery’s “Edward’s Blues”. If you like piano sounds, compositions by Clint Mansell, Claude Debussy, Carter Burwell will help you to tune in a working mood.

What can be better for your brains work than sounds of nature? They are ascribed terrific relaxing effect. They are also said to sooth physical pain, and calm a person down whenever he or she is nervous. So, if there is an effort taking creative process in contemplation, turn on the sounds of the sea, waterfall, forest rain, or bird songs – winning result is guaranteed.

Modern music should not be rejected either. Include in you playlist Progressive House, Chill Trap, Electro. Sounds odd? Try it! Outstanding effect will not keep you waiting.

Beyond any doubts, music is a powerful means, but everything should be at measures. So, do not forget to make the volume softer when studying. Good Luck!