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Top 5 successful people who failed

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Some say that success takes time and effort, while others attribute the secret of their business to luck. Here, we present a list of people, who struggled to climb the career ladder and finally won their place under the sun.

Whether it is fortune which helps us survive in this world or dedication in college (custom writings included), we intend to find out.

1. Thomas Edison. A future genius could have never become famous as teachers were bullying him at school. His mind often wandered while in class, and his absent looks convinced his tutors that the boy was hopeless.

Luckily, Thomas Edison did not agree with school administration and continued to make inventions and develop his natural abilities, which resulted in him creating a light bulb. Too good he had an opinion of his own and managed to overcome high school stress, which makes most students shy and overemotional.

2. Elvis Presley. You might be surprised, but Elvis Presley did not wake up to be a star immediately. We know him as “King”, but that title did not come easy to the artist, as he struggled to overcome financial issues and personal fears. His first records and songs could not make an impression on producers, and the singer was mildly told that he lacks talent and conviction.

Later, some of the bosses in the music industry had a serious talk with Presley, saying that his voice was too weak to be performing on stage. They were dissatisfied with the quality of the sound and hesitated to give him a chance. Elvis then told the reporters he was asked to leave the music industry and come back to driving a truck, and the rest is history.

3. Vincent van Gogh. During his career, Vincent van Gogh managed to sell only one painting, and that was because he was not appreciated by his contemporaries and colleagues. His art was his life, but some of Vincent’s teachers considered him to be too eccentric to become famous.

Unfortunately, his depression and general disappointment in life progressed and eventually led to an untimely demise. It is sad, but the audience began to understand the value of his paintings and his immense talent only after van Gogh’s death.

4. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln ran for congress elections, which was the right move after all. Even despite he lost to another candidate, his rhetorical efforts were noticed by the members of the senate, and he gained the trust of many influential people. Abraham Lincoln was a self-made man in the best sense of the word.

He knew that basic education was not enough to become a politician, so he set his own program to achieve success. Abraham Lincoln is an example for anyone, who is struggling through high school – if he managed to become president, you are going to be on top of the world, too. According to Lincoln himself, he never ceased to study and develop his natural talents, even though he was not wealthy from the start.

5. JK Rowling. Before JK Rowling became a success, she was a single mother, hardly making ends meet. She confesses that she lost faith in herself and did not expect any change in her destiny. Harry Potter was the one who helped her live through these times.

Her work was rejected by famous publishers, until she had a chance to show her talent to the world. After becoming rich, Rowling admitted she wasn’t sure whether her success was temporary or long-lasting. Harry Potter fans may be happy, though, as mother of their favorite character is planning to continue the literary adventure of her hero.