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Top 4 unsolved mysteries

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From the Monsters of the Deep to the mystery of Mary Celeste, we have gathered a few charming puzzles to blow your mind. You can either believe the unbelievable or let your imagination flow as you make wild guesses about the world’s biggest riddles. The following list contains some of the most shocking episodes in the history of our race:

  1. The Mary Celeste. Nobody knows what happened to the passengers of the ship, called the Mary Celeste, but the story goes like this: in 1872, the crew of the cargo, travelling to Gibraltar, found it completely empty. The deck was in a huge mess, and thoroughly wet.

There were no signs, indicating the passengers’ presence, and no trace of the captain, his family and other members of the crew. It was strange, considering that the ship was afloat and seemed alright, except for the mess on board and general disorder on deck. Famous writers made their attempts to predict the fate of the ship, and even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle contributed to the investigation of a mysterious case.

  1. The Shroud of Turin. This is the piece of linen that Jesus Christ was buried in. It became the subject of an intense debate after radiocarbon analysis stated that it is a fake, dating back to Middle Ages. Other scientists disagree, however, as they do not believe such kind of investigation can be considered valid and reliable, especially if we are talking about an object, that is sacred to all Christians and worshipped around the world.

The procedure took place in 1988, and many of the researchers insist on another study to put an argument to an end. The Shroud bears a negative imprint of the face and the outline of the body, so there could be another discussion about its true origin. The case definitely remains undecided and causes various theories to appear from time to time. We can only make guesses about the sacred relic and it is hard to say whether there will be any ideas, provided by scientists, in the nearest future.

  1. Richard III and the princes in the Tower. In 2012, the remains of Richard III were excavated from beneath a council car park in Leicester city center. The initiator of the digging, Philippa Langley, who belongs to the Richard III society, said she had a strange feeling last time she visited the city center. After she experienced the same sensation for the second time, she knew where to find the remains.

It is not surprising that Richard’s life and death are surrounded by such mystery. There have been discussions about the destiny of his nephews, known as the princes in the Tower, and whether Richard really murdered them afterwards. They were imprisoned by the king’s order, and no one knows what exactly happened to them after the British ruler decided he no longer needed rivals in his fight for the crown.

  1. The Monsters of the Deep. In 1848, the captain and crew of HMS Daedalus saw a strange creature that resembled a great snake. It appeared out of nowhere and was spotted at the surface, when suddenly the water went dark and it apparently fled to the ocean’s depths.

There have been arguments about the truthfulness of this story, but most scientists insist there are creatures we still don’t know much about, existing somewhere in the deep blue sea. After million years of evolution, there might be species, continuing to evolve, and perhaps, the great sea monster was one of them. It is hard to say whether it really was a snake, but its appearance most definitely caused controversial theories and thoughts.