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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Wade Tackett

The Most Unusual Schools in the World

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So, you seriously think your school leaves much to be desired? After finding out about these five hands down weird educational establishments, you’ll reconsider your attitude towards where you study or have been studying previously. Chances are high you’ll think of your school as it was Hogwarts in comparison to some of the venues listed in this article. Shall we proceed now?

Let’s start with something quite pleasant:

School of Witchcraft

Founded in Roseville, Chicago, Witch School hosts nearly 40.000 students from across the world. But don’t worry, there aren’t so many real-deal Belphegor worshipping witches all gathered at one place to study the arcane of evil sorcery. In fact, most of these fan girls who love to dress as witches and combine toothpaste with ketchup to concoct ‘diabolic’ potions actually take… online classes. Online witchcraft classes, Karl!

A funny fact thought, physical location of Witch School where truly die-hard witchcraft apprentices mastered the ominous arts had to move from Roseville to Salem, Massachusetts. Why? First of all, Salem is known to be a far more mysterious town with a long history of 200 people accused of witchcraft being executed somewhere between 1692-1693. Second, good folks of Roseville used to sprinkle holy water on them kids ‘studying’ while driving by their ‘classes’. Plus, some people sprinkled holy water on their cars for some extra holy protection. Wicked!

School of Prostitution (the favorite! 🙂 )

Did you know prostitution is legal in Spain? Now you do! And did you know there are up to 400.000 legal prostitutes providing services in Spain? Now you surely do!

But what you for sure didn’t know, there’s an actual school of prostitution in Valencia, Spain. Educational (can it be called that?) establishment is called ‘Tabajo Ya’, which is translated simply as Work Now.

Why this school is as close to your ideal concept of school? Because the educational year lasts for just… one week. Seven days of intense theoretical and practical lessons, involving, hee-hee, History of Prostitution. Ins and outs of sex toys and Kama Sutra are all included in the tuition fee of $120. Mind. Blown.

School of Gay

Funded by the government, Harvey Milk High School in New York exists to ensure students with non-traditional sexual orientation (homosexuals, transgendered, those still questioning) could avoid criticism, mockery, discrimination and sexual bullying on their path to proper education.

Heavily oppressed by anti-gay organizations and certain douchebag layers of society (that said, who are actually fags after all?), Harvey Milk High School still operates with success and even has been granting fully valid high school diplomas since 2003. Haters gonna hate!

School of Fallout

Protected by a 1800-lb steel jacketed door that can stand a 20-megaton explosion, Abo Elementary School is actually located underground and could actually serve as a marvelous nuclear war shelter.

A part of J. Kennedy’s plan to build shelters across the United States in case of nuclear war against USSR, the then-President assigned to erect a lineup of multi-purpose shelters, so that ‘the nation would’ve survived’. (Read also: Why Norwegian Education System Is The Best In Europe)

Artesia, a town in New Mexico where Abo School is located, was supposed to be attacked with nukes among the first due to its military infrastructure and close proximity to a US missile and an Air Force bases, which are all now abandoned.

A peculiar fact is, at Abo Elementary School there is a generator, ventilation system, canteen, doctor’s office and… a morgue. But what is even weirder, this school has been actually operating till 1995 when it was closed. Why do you close the safest school ever? Politicians.

School of Poor


In Bangladesh pupils literally attend schools balancing on boats which actually float across local rivers while little kids try hard to study reading.

In India a school teacher founded a school on an actual train platform.

And in China, in one of the poorest regions of the county – Guizhou province (and poor in China means you’re poorer than the one who’s poorer than a Chinese church mice), local community of Miao village have their children study in a cave.

Although some children spent six hours a day to come to school in pursuit of at least basic knowledge, Chinese government still closed the school because ‘China isn’t a country of caveman’. Communists.