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| Published in Education in the World | Written by Tracy R. Baro

The Easiest Way to Deal with Swiss Education

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As you know, Switzerland is the country with actually no natural resources. So, it is nothing surprising that the main resource for the whole country to survive is knowledge. As the result, Switzerland improved their education to the highest level. Today, Switzerland educational system and conditions claim to be ones of the best in the world.

Also, it is known that the conditions for education can really vary between cantons of the country. It is for each step in the education process – kindergarten, school, and university. The example is for a foreign language that starts teaching in fourth or seventh grade due to the canton where the school is settled. It is very uncomfortable for children who change their schools in different cantons.

There are two types of schools in Switzerland: private and public. The statistic says that most of the Swiss children prefer public schools, due to the expensiveness of private ones. There are three points for the typical public school.

  • Kindergarten
  • Volksschule (elementary school)
  • Gymnasium (secondary school)
  • Universitäten (universities)

There are kindergarten, primary and secondary schools for most municipalities. At the same time, most of the Swiss cantons have one secondary school, sometimes even more. Besides that, Swiss students can attend to universities in their own country. There are eleven of them for Switzerland. But, only two of them are run by confederation while the rest are run by cantons.

Also, kids can even choose what to do after their elementary school. A future student can choose a secondary school or start their apprenticeship. Swiss education allows students to start their academic education after their apprenticeship. He can go to secondary school or even go to the university of applied sciences that is called Fachhochschule.

But, there is one rule for every kid in Switzerland. It is about elementary school that should be attended by every kid with no exceptions. And there are different levels for schools in Switzerland. Due to that, the education system there is very inhomogeneous.

It is not a mandatory point for kids. They can go to Kindergarten or not, and it depends on the canton and its laws. The education here can last for a year or even two for every kid.

  • Volksschule (Elementary school):

This educational point is mandatory for every kid in Switzerland. Elementary school can be private or public. The age for elementary school is seven and is for one or two-year education.

  • Gymnasium (Secondary school):

You can find lots of secondary schools types in Switzerland. The main difference is for major subjects.

  • Universität (University):

There is not so big option of universities for students in Switzerland. There are eleven of them in the country. You can choose a university that is run by canton. There are nine such universities in the country. You can attend two universities that are run by the confederation. These two are those of technical subjects. There are not so many such universities in Switzerland.