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Ten Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein You Didn’t Know

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A famous physicist Albert Einstein is known as the author of the general relativity theory as well as the idea of equivalence of energy and mass. He received a Nobel Prize for his theoretical inventions and made huge contribution into the further development of science and quantum physics in particular. While we are aware of these crucial facts, there are some points of Einstein’s life and personality that we don’t know. We have prepared a list of them to let you get acquainted with the genius a little bit closer.

Einstein’s memory was awful

Despite the fact (or due to this fact) that a famous physicist had to work with tones of complicated information, his memory was incredibly weak. He had problems with memorizing some elementary things like dates and phone numbers. Being a student, he had problems with academic writing, attention and concentration. There is one funny anecdote that depicts how poor Einstein’s memory was. One fine day, he was travelling by a train and a conductor asked him to show a ticket. In a second, conductor recognized a famous scientist and said that there is no need to search for the ticket, since a person like him can ride for free. However, Einstein continued searching his pockets with words: “I’m very thankful, but I won’t know where my station is unless I do find the ticket.”

His parents thought that he was a mentally-retarded child

When Einstein was born, his parents noticed that his body proportions were deformed. He had a large head and a small body, but the doctors said that he is healthy. Still, as a child, he had problems with speech and his parents didn’t hear a word from him until he was four. His first phrase was, “The soup is hot.” He said it during one of the family dinners. His mom and dad were surprised, because they considered him as mentally-retarded. They asked why didn’t he say a word before. His answer was witty: “Because everything was okay.” He had some speech problems in his further life as well.

Einstein had strict rules for his wife

Einstein and his first wife used to live separately for a certain period of time. They decided to live together one day and Einstein proposed a set of rules for his woman to follow. The list included the following points:

  • You should serve three meals per day and bring them to my room
  • You will keep my room and bed in order
  • You should keep my clothes clean
  • You will stop talking if I tell you so
  • You will refuse to have any relationships with me if they are not necessary for the social status

You will be surprised, but she accepted this list. However, they divorced with time.

Einstein had an irregular child

When Einstein and his first wife divorced, she was pregnant. She gave birth to a girl and it is unknown whether her father ever saw her. People say that she died in young age or was given away to the orphan house as a small child.

His relativity theory didn’t bring him a Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize was given to Einstein for his inventions in theory of physics and discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. His relativity theories were not taken into account at that moment, because they needed more work and research. At that time, his theories lacked proofs and reliability.

Einstein was thinking about an alternate Big Bang theory

Einstein has written a manuscript in which he claimed that Big Bang theory intrigues and excites him. However, this paper was overlooked for years and when researchers found it, they mistakenly decided that this was a part of another paper’s draft. He didn’t work with this concept in his further activity, that’s why experts think that Big Bang theory wasn’t a serious consideration for him.

He didn’t spend a cent from his Nobel Prize money

When Einstein and his wife divorced, he signed a document that confirmed his refuse from the Noble Prize money for the sake of his family. At that time, he didn’t have any rewards, but when it was given to him, the sum was placed in a trust for his children. His wife had no right to access the money as well as Einstein himself.

Einstein could be a president of Israel

However, he refused. When Israel’s president died, the government representatives proposed Einstein to take his place. He said that he is too old (73 years) for that and has problems with proper communication with people.

His last words remained unknown because of the language barrier

Einstein was suffering from aneurysm and dying slowly in the hospital. He said that he doesn’t want any surgical operations because prolonging life artificially seemed tasteless to him. He said that he has already done everything that he could and if the time has come to leave, he will leave. His last words were addressed to a nurse, but she didn’t understand them because she was German.

Einstein’s brain was studied for decades after his death

His body was cremated, but pathologist T. Harvey saved the only part of it – Einstein’s brain. While Einstein was against any manipulations of that kind, the researcher tried to study his brain and find out if there are any special attributes to be discovered. For forty years he chopped, stored, and tested it. However, the only discovery he made is that Einstein’s brain had larger inferior parietal lobe. Then he returned the brain to Princeton University with the words that keeping it is a great responsibility he doesn’t want.