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Personal Statement and its significance

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As most of future students know, application essay or sometimes is also called as a personal statement is a kind of document that is part of documents package for American universities and colleges admission process.  The essay is provided in the form of free composition about you, concentrated around the issues of “what do I want?”, “Why?” and “How I am going to achieve it”  Perhaps, there’s no need to mention once again the importance of this type of writing, after all, even your future education partly depends on it. You can be sure that admissions committee pay due regard to your personal statement. However, we would like once again to draw your attention to its importance when entering desired university and give some practical advices…

Writing this particular kind of essay – follow the next guidelines:

  1. To write competently application essay “hurriedly” is almost impossible. The idea has to mature for several days or even more. (Read also: US Higher Education. Just Facts)
  2. Think carefully about first phrase to captivate tutors. Think about whether they will not get bored of your paper? Imagine that an admission committee has to read about 50 essays every single day and all of them are similar generally. What helps your essay to stand out from?
  3. The essence of your application essay content should be reduced to the thing to show that your education will be continuation of what you have already started, and help to achieve your goals. For this purpose, consider the essay content before writing:
  • Who am I? What’s important for me? What have I achieved due to the results of my studies and other activities? Confirm with specific examples. Don’t say just: “I’m smart” – Show how you managed to solve some complex problem. Don’t say just: “I am purposeful” describe a goal that you had set earlier and achieved.
  • Why did I choose this expertise area? What attracts me most in it? Why do I want to devote my life to this particular profession? Do not say just: “Chemistry is my favorite subject,” – But tell them how your school chemistry teacher once captivated you, or what first independent experiment has impressed you, or what particular idea or phenomenon has captivated you most.
  • Why this university? Learn as much as you can about your desired university. Determine what makes this university special for you? Don’t say just, “the Dartmouth College is a great place to be!” – But, point out which academic strengths attract you most; name at least one member from academic staff who is engaged in your research area, or university research center working in this area of knowledge. Define the uniqueness of university.
  • What are my professional objectives? Don’t say just: “My goal is to get the degree from the Dartmouth College”- but demonstrate how your dream education corresponds to the logic of your personal and professional development.

Certainly, the all above tips are enough superficial. To understand qualitatively all the subtleties and peculiarities of writing this important type of essay probably you will need to get acquainted with some additional specialized literature. Sometimes lots of students even resort to the help of numerous essay writing services to ensure their work high quality. Anyway the decision is always up to you, but we sincerely hope that at least a little clarified this issue, which will help in writing your admission essay.