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| Published in Top10 WorldWide News | Written by James Macaluso

Top 10 Universities in Africa

In 2014 students in Africa have a chance to benefit from some world-class universities just as much as students in Europe or America. According to University Web Ranking, top ten best choices include: University of Cape Town. Founded in 1829, it offers certificate, bachelor, master and doctorate programs in six categories: Arts and Humanities, Business and Social Sciences, Language and Cultural, Medicine and Health,…

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| Published in Hints and Tips | Written by Irene Adler

How to Get Ready for the Board Exam?

A board exam is an excellent tool to check the knowledge gained at a particular period, as well as to select the best students across the state. The greater competition is, the more active the participants are. Most of students’ endeavors depend heavily on the results of board exams. There is no way to evade from exams: sooner or later one has to face them….

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| Published in Education News | Written by Tracy R. Baro

Harvard Primal Scream: Instruction to Freshmen

If you are a student, you must have a recipe to de-stress. What do you do when studies reach a peak, and your brain seems to explode any minute because of information surfeit and multiple “to-do” tasks? Do you go shopping? Give a reckless party? Buy essays online? : ) Stuff yourself with some finger-licking food? Well, any of these methods to relieve stress can…

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| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by Thomas Stroup

Rolf Schulmeister. How Much Time Has to Be Spent on Education?

Wondering why your academic score is so low compared to other students? How much time do you spend on average preparing for your classes? Is it 9, 23, 50 hours per week? It’s not all about time, but this issue still matters. A new study conducted by famous German scientist, Professor Rolf Schulmeister, proves that the key to student’s performance is motivation. The professor of…

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