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| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by Irene Adler

Interesting Facts about Famous Universities

How well do you know the university or college you are going to study at? You might have learned everything starting from its date of establishment and up to the most popular songs of its marching band. There are things, however, that don’t lie on the surface. We had no intention to drawn you in the sea of facts and figures. Instead, we picked a…

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| Published in Education News | Written by Thomas Stroup

Choosing 5 Worst US Colleges (Based on 4 Factors)

America’s education is considered the best in the world. Every pupil both inside and outside the US dreams to graduate from a prestigious college, to enter a solid university and become a well-paid expert in a prestigious field. As a matter of fact, the reputation of American educational system is well-earned thanks to tremendous efforts made on behalf of the world-known titans such as Princeton,…

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| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by Patricia May

Differences between European and American Higher Education

Much and more has been said about the cost of tuition in America as compared to Europe. American soon-to-be-students beg for lower prices and fear life-long student loans. However, this is not everything that distinguishes European education from American. There are other things as well, and they should be carefully weighed up when choosing a university to enroll in. The general rule is that European…

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| Published in Top10 WorldWide News | Written by James Macaluso

Top 10 Universities in Africa

In 2014 students in Africa have a chance to benefit from some world-class universities just as much as students in Europe or America. According to University Web Ranking, top ten best choices include: University of Cape Town. Founded in 1829, it offers certificate, bachelor, master and doctorate programs in six categories: Arts and Humanities, Business and Social Sciences, Language and Cultural, Medicine and Health,…

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