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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Irene Adler

MBA Programs of the World Best Universities

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MBA is an internationally-recognized degree that is designed to develop one’s skills required for business or management career. However, the value of MBA is not limited to the world of business. Those people who decide to pursuit a managerial career in the sphere of public sector, private industry, government and other areas can also find an MBA useful.

We all know that a global competition within a tough world of the job market is increasing daily. For that reason, MBA programs may hold the key to getting success if you choose the right one.

Master’s degree programs in business administration are more popular than any other type graduate degree program. Most students have to put efforts to make research and find out which of the offers are the most promising. To save these efforts, we have published a ranking of education MBA programs.

What we pay great attention to

Here are the categories that determine the rating position of every MBA program.

  • Student engagement (28%): A worthy online MBA program promotes participation in courses that allows students to communicate with their tutors and classmates. For those students who learn in a campus-based setting, instructors should also be accessible. They should propose tasks that help to create an experience that would be useful and rewarding to let students complete their degrees in comfortable conditions and within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Admission selectivity (25%): If the course work seems too rigorous, it is beneficial for ambitious students that surely can handle the highest demands. Furthermore, the schools that have a judicious admission politics have a greater authority in the job market.
  • Reputation (25%): Obviously, MBA degrees received at those programs that are respected by academics are held in a higher regard among the employers.
  • Faculty training and credentials (11%): A good MBA program offers the best instructors with academic credentials. Universities that offer the best MBA programs spend resources to train the tutors on how to teach learners more effectively, using different approaches.
  • Student services (11%): MBA schools should provide strong learning assistance, financial aid, and career guidance. These campus-based programs allow greater dedication and improve learning results among students. (Read also this interesting post: History of Writing)

MBA schools of the best universities in the world: Rating 2015

  • Harvard Business School

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 178,300

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 184,566

  • London Business School

Location: UK

Weighted salary ($): 156,553

  • University of Pennsylvania

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 170,472

  • Columbia Business School

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 164,181

  • Northwestern University: Kellogg

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 157,719

  • Indian Institute of Management

Location: India

Weighted salary ($): 157,459

  • MIT: Sloan

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 157,262

  • London Business School

Location: UK

Weighted salary ($): 156,553

  • University of Chicago: Booth

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 156,004

  • Yale School of Management

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 150,880

  • Dartmouth College: Tuck

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 150,754

  • University of California at Berkeley: Haas

Location: US

Weighted salary ($): 149,487

  • Insead

Location: France / Singapore

Weighted salary ($): 148,183

  • IE Business School

Location: Spain

Weighted salary ($): 146,933