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| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by James Macaluso

Life Behind the Studies: 5 Fun Traditions at Princeton

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After long and strenuous applications process, agonizing waiting for acceptance letter and finally your tears of joy dropping down on that a long-expected piece of paper with your name on top and a few lines saying “we are happy to extend an offer of admission…”, you still feel uneasy. It’s ok.

You know that college isn’t about studies only, and this thought may make you both excited and nervous. What is written on university official websites is half of what is going on within campus walls.

Every college has its traditions preserved through years. Some of them are really weird giving you the impression of being anywhere but not at college. That’s exactly what’s going on a year in and out at Princeton. If this is your dream school, you will love it even stronger after you find out about its crazy traditions.


You’ll hear students screaming “cheers!” from everywhere and watch huge piles of beer bottles grow even bigger during a one-day celebration of Newman’s Day. Such booze session occurs every year on April 24 when all Princeton students attempt to drink 24 cans of beer in 24 hours supporting the saying of the legendary Paul Newman or his character. It’s not clear for sure. It sounds something like “24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case…”. Don’t like beer? You’ll hate it… after Newman’s Day.

That’s the wrong gate!

The tradition of going through or rather not going through Fitz Randolph Gate dates back to 1980s and is lost in legend. It says that a student who leaves the campus through this entrance until graduation may fail to finish studies. But despite this superstition the gate is grandly opened during reunion day or as students call it P-Rade when all alumni flock to Princeton to walk among younger students and boast about their experience.

A nude tradition has gone in the past

College life in Princeton was even crazier till 1999 when annual sports competition with absolutely naked participants (Princeton Nude Olympics) was banned. Needless to say, why this tradition lives on no longer. Can you imagine hundreds of naked guys and girls gather for a sports competition in winter? I doubt that they were sober and unscratched after the event. But I think today’s students miss this tradition.


Shout it aloud!

How do you deal with stress? Eating much? Drinking? Princeton students have found a harmless way to get rid of all anxiety that has accumulated within the academic year. Each semester is marked with the deadline set for students to complete their written tasks. The closer this day is the more frustrated and nervous students get. So before the clock strikes twelve all students come out and scream with all their might. Hope it helps.

We don’t need no water let the … burn!

With a strong spirit of competition flowing in the air, Princeton football team is getting ready to beat Harvard and Yale. That’s a real challenge! But it’s well worth the efforts. If Princeton Tigers win, they get an awesome celebration for their pains. It’s marked with a huge bonfire lit in the yard and surrounded by hundreds of students loudly celebrating the victory.

Are you ready to be a part of all this!