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Interesting Facts about British Education

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An innovative approach to teaching plus centuries of experience and old traditions make British education admired and respected across the globe. The best thing about UK education is that no matter what course you attend, you will be encouraged to create new ideas and think for yourself.

British education supports students’ ability to gain strong knowledge, creative and analytical skills, and self-confidence.

Language support

UK institutions provide perfect English language help and support for the international students. Many of them offer language classes focused on studying skills students need to complete their main courses successfully.


UK education gives a great opportunity to express oneself in the subject of the greatest interest. No matter what you are studying for, you will learn to think and work independently. You are free to choose from hundreds of courses in technology, science, business, design, art, humanities, social sciences and many more. The flexible approach of education system in UK allows every person to choose a particular sphere to study.

Academic system

The most common undergraduate qualification in Britain is based on a degree system. Those are academic courses studied for three years in Northern Island, Wales and England, and four years in Scotland. Some courses are extended for a year to encourage students to spend their time oversea or in industry. One can obtain Master’s degrees in a year while in Australia and United States the same course lasts for two years. (Read also about: Top Careers Available With No High School Diploma)

A branch of interesting facts you may not know

  • Courses in Great Britain are shorter than in some other countries. A Bachelor’s degree might be completed within 3 years and Master’s degree within one year. That may save your time and money spent on some essay writing services like Academic-Writing.Org. 🙂
  • British students can work for twenty hours per week during their study and full-time during their vacations.
  • International student has a lot of opportunities and benefits that make their life in UK simple and affordable. They get discounts on stationery, books, entertainment, and travel.
  • The National Health Service offers free subsidized healthcare to international students that stay in the UK for more than six months.
  • Postgraduate students, as well as undergraduate ones, can participate in a number of scholarships that are available for everyone.
  • Every student is free to choose from four countries: England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. All of them are culturally and geographically diverse.

In fact, education in Britain is not only the highest level of teaching and learning. It is fascinating and fun.