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Incredible ghost towns and abandoned cities

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Perhaps, there is nothing more intimidating and creepy than the haunted town. The houses are intact, and the architecture remains the same, but you cannot escape the impression that something is wrong, and the place makes a negative impression. Here is a collection of scariest ghost towns around the world.

  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Initially, the town of Pripyat was built to host the plant’s workers. Constructed in the 1970s, it was a well off town, even judging by the Soviet level of income. However, when the accident occurred, its 50, 000 inhabitants were immediately evacuated by the special forces of the country to the safer regions. Now, Pripyat is a symbol of an abandoned place, with chilling landscapes and signs of the people’s speedy departure. You can see trees, growing through the roofs of schools, and there are children’s dolls found in what used to be kindergartens. Nature slowly claims its right to the town: once a beautiful living area, it is now nothing more than an eerie sight with scattered belongings and not a soul around.

  1. Pomona, Namibia.

Pomona in Namibia used to be one of the richest cities in the world, with diamond mines so numerous that people came here, obsessed with the desire to find treasures at any rate. In the 20th century, however, the German-controlled territories were named a forbidden zone, and no one was allowed to enter. Today, Pomona is in a state of slow decay, with its ghost streets and bars being gradually swallowed by the desert, and the site is definitely scary and romantic.

  1. Pegrema, Russia.

It is nothing more than a few houses now, but before, Pegrema was considered to be one of the most breathtaking examples of wooden architecture in the region. In the times of the Russian Revolution, when there were military uprisings around the area, most of the buildings were destroyed and people left to seek for shelter. Nowadays, however, only the church is left intact, and the beautiful site on the lake Onega is completely abandoned.


  1. Centralia, Pennsylvania.

This ghost town inspired film directors to create one of the most popular horror films in history, called Silent Hill. It sits atop the coal mine, and there have been fires burning underground for centuries.

In the 1990s, scientists predicted there may be an eruption going on around the area, and most of the inhabitants were evacuated from the place. However, there are still holdouts who refuse to leave, and the toxic smoke is rising from the ground as the days pass.

  1. Oradour-sur-Glane, France.

Most ghost cities do not have a tragic history behind them, but this abandoned town, located in France, can tell a lot about its inhabitants, and that is an unhappy story. In June of 1944 there was a huge massacre of the locals, initiated by the Germans, and 642 of the town’s residents were locked in a church and then burned alive.

The ones, who managed to escape, said that Nazis aimed to level the town with the ground and were nearly successful. Now the site serves as a tragic and memorable reminder of the horrors of war, and the tourists are shocked to discover abandoned buildings and half-burnt houses together with cars and walls.

  1. Tianducheng, China’s “Little Paris”.

This ghostly place was made as a replica of the famous Eiffel Tower. We have to admit it looks strange, located in the suburbs of the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Originally, it meant to host thousands of people, but somehow ended up to become home to barely fifth of that number. We don’t know the reason this site is so unpopular with the locals, but it indeed produces a surreal and almost alien impression.

  1. Craco, Italy.

Due to the worsening of the agricultural conditions and the general misfortunes that occurred to town, including a landslide and an earthquake, this once popular place, flooded with tourists, now stays deserted.

We cannot say much about the future of the Italian abandoned places, but this one has definitely got its charm: one of the Bond’s movies was filmed here, and the directors love the spot for its surreal atmosphere and excellent movie locations.

Craco is one of those ghostly towns you wish to visit in your lifetime, and it definitely leaves a lot to the imagination with its towering walls and half-shattered buildings, damaged by the landslide and the climate conditions that brought the city to the decadent state.