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| Published in Hints and Tips | Written by Irene Adler

How to Combine Work and Studies?

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In our modern world, there is a serious rivalry between young specialists who recently have graduated from the university. That is why a lot of students start to build their career before graduation. Moreover, additional income never goes amiss.

So, you have decided to combine your studies and work. What type of work will you choose? For full-time students, part-time or freelance job is the best solution. For those practicing extramural studies, even full-time job, usually, fits the bill. You just need to look through your schedule and decide how many hours per day you really can devote to your job.

  1. What type of work should a student choose?

The best work for any student is the one closely related to the branch of study, a future profession, in other words. This will give the opportunity to put your knowledge and skills gained in college or university into practice. As a result, it will have a positive effect on your academic progress, as well as give the advantage over your group mates, your future competitors.

  1. The basic points you are to consider when choosing your side job:
  • the time it will take
  • career opportunities it offers
  • skills you can improve
  • experience you will get
  • its relation to your profession
  • your interest in it
  • income it brings
  1. Problems which may arise after you get a job:

A) Your busy time at work coincides with overload in college.

Plan ahead your schedule and reorganize your work around the deadlines creating a balance. Do some assignments or work in advance to get some free time to cope with current problems.

B) You physically can’t handle all the workflow because of college exams?

And such situations will happen quite often: exams, numerous essay writing tasks, term papers, or whatever… (You can read also about: How To Write a Global Warming Essay) The majority of employers, when hiring students, are ready for such force majeure situations, that is why, in most situations, it is necessary just to inform them in advance that you will be busy. They will be able to reassign your work to somebody else. Or you just can find someone to substitute you during this busy period. Anyway, your employer knew that accepted a student for a part-time job.

C) Your new job takes more time than you had expected?

Well, in this case you have to consider all pros and cons about this job. If you really cannot reorganize the workflow in a way to be able to cope with all college assignments, you need to make a choice. Prior to doing it, just think about your prospective in this or any other company without obtaining a degree. Maybe the best solution for you will be to search for another job.  Those who seek will find!