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| Published in Hints and Tips | Written by Patricia May

How to Choose a Right College Major for Your Future Studies

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When you are thinking about your potential major choice, the future appears to be a bit obscure. A major that seems to be fulfilling may turn out to be a bad choice in terms of career building. If you choose a major that seems potentially more productive but less interesting, you risk feeling unsatisfied during the process of education.

In fact, it is almost impossible to figure out whether a certain major will ensure your successful employment in the future. So, how can you choose the major that gives you employment possibilities and enjoyment in the process of study? Which factors should you consider picking the major? The following guide will help you find the best solution.

Your interests and skills

The first thing to consider when selecting the right major is your own interests. Are you fond of science, languages, or social studies? Is there something you are ready to do for the rest of your life? Think about the skills you have and the disciplines you are interested in to narrow down the possibilities.

The right time to choose a major

There is no necessity to determine a major during the first college year. Take your time and discover different possibilities, explore various activities to find out where your main talent is hidden.

As a rule, colleges allow students to declare their majors at the end of a sophomore year. Use this time to take different courses and figure out whether they are really useful and inspiring.

However, there are some majors that you have to commit right from the start like engineering or astrophysics.

Don’t pick the easiest one

Selecting a major that seems to be easier than the others is a common mistake many students make. They are right claiming that this major will make their college life easier. However, it will certainly lead to the missed opportunities in a long-term period.

In fact, if you choose an easy major, you will get bored soon. Keep the easy majors as options but don’t stop exploring the other variants as well.

Use your college years to test your limits and take challenges. Your curiosity and ambitions may even surprise you.

Avoid following the mainstream

Certain academic disciplines become popular during certain periods of time. Due to this fact, most students come under the influence of trends and start pursuing these majors. Mainstream trends seem to be the worst choice for your future career. So, avoid following them.

For example, management was a trendy discipline a few years ago. Now it is replaced by the majors that relate to the digital world (e.g.: computer science). These trendy majors motivate learners to go for the same discipline. It creates an overload of professionals in a particular field, and demand disappears. The competition grows significantly. Therefore, many graduates stay jobless.


Your lifestyle

What kind of a lifestyle seems to be the most appropriate for you in the future? For instance, there are disciplines that ensure financial security that allow one to have a lavish lifestyle. The others offer an average income along with freedom of a creative expression. Consider the type of a personality you are to make sure that you will feel comfortable living the lifestyle shaped by a chosen discipline.

Thus, to choose the right major, do your best and listen to your inner self without making any facile decisions!