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| Published in Hints and Tips Study Once Again | Written by Wade Tackett

How To Build Up Skills Essential For IB Exams?

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The International Baccalaureate exam gives students the opportunity to earn the college credit. To pass this exam is not an easy task since all advanced academic skills are assessed. This testing measures the extent to which high school students have mastered the abilities to solve problems in a creative way, present and analyze information, understand key concepts, and evaluate arguments. Bear in mind that good preparation is the key to success. But if you don`t want your preparation process to be boring, seek for interesting and stimulating activities that could help you achieve high scores in your IB exams. Here are some engaging activities that will help you build up all essential skills required for this testing.

Get involved in a large variety of extracurricular activities

You can participate in various extracurricular activities that develop skills that are essential for every IB test. Take part in the Academic Decathlon that is the only annual high school academic competition, where you can challenge yourself and practice important skills. It usually consists of an essay, two performance events, and seven multiple-choice tests. You will have the opportunity to improve your academic excellence, master cooperative learning skills, and practice your public speaking and academic writing. Here you will be able to learn and struggle at the same time. What is more, you can meet a lot of interesting people, with whom you will have the unforgettable experience.

Learn how to discuss controversial issues and voice your opinions by participating in different debates. You will be able to experience a productive rivalry through words, put your knowledge into action, and learn something new. In order to do well in IB exams, it is very important to explore the art of rhetoric, improve your linguistic skills, and know how to convince others that your argument is well thought-out and right. Debating is just the right activity to master the ability to argue.

Focus on the assessment of arguments

You should always remember that not all arguments are good arguments. The International Baccalaureate exams require you to analyze the claims of other people and assess the logical connections of those arguments. That      is why you should learn how to think more clearly and deeply about complex topics and develop your critical reasoning. Nowadays, being an active user of numerous social networks, you have a wonderful opportunity to practice all these skills on a daily basis. While surfing different social networking sites you can become the witness of various debates between people who have the opposing views on the same subject or issue. For example, you can come across a controversial post on Facebook and try to analyze users` comments on it. People usually have a lot to say about such issues such as sport, crime, natural disasters, education, healthcare, and relationships.

Follow these simple steps while performing this interesting exercise:

  • Read the argument carefully
  • Identify the argument`s claims
  • Think whether there is a different explanation or claim possible
  • Evaluate the truth, sufficiency, significance, fairness, and relevance of the argument
  • Ask yourself what your overall evaluation of the argument is

All these mental activities will help you learn how to evaluate the logic of different opinions and demonstrate your analytical abilities and critical thinking skills while passing your IB exams.

Complete various puzzles

You may wonder what the connection between doing crossword puzzles or sudoku and preparation for the IB tests is. In fact, these activities satisfy not only leisure purposes but the academic ones as well. You will be able to improve your short-term memory, develop problem-solving skills, make your visual-spatial reasoning better, and increase your attention to detail. Mind puzzles support the entire thought process and improve our brain power significantly. Moreover, you can boost your vocabulary and train your spelling and logic skills.

Wish you all the luck for success at your IB exams!