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| Published in Travel and Love | Written by Tracy R. Baro

Countries, which students can travel in one single day

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Traveling is an essential part of our life, certainly. People find out more about different cultures, traditions and customs while traveling. We often make a list of adorable countries, which we want to visit at least once. Just write down various points of interest the countries you dream to see. There are a lot of places you can visit, but it can be difficult for you to choose the one, which really deserve your attention, if you have only two-week holiday abroad, during a year. If you aren’t sure where you want to spend your next holidays – then this list of seven countries can help you to make the right choice:



Despite the fact that Monaco is tiny country, it is really breathtaking. It is the smallest country in the world. It is definitely your place, if you are fond of gamble. You can visit Monte Carlo, which is famous for its casino. Moreover, three of James Bond films were shot here. There you can visit The Monaco Grand Prix that is one of the most famous races in the world. It is really worth seeing. You can walk through marvelous and historical streets of Monaco-Ville even if you have a limited budget or you can just bask in the sun on the free Larvotto Beach near Monte Carlo.

Vatican City


It is believed that Vatican is technically the smallest country in the world, but you can have a lot of fun here. My recommendation! Vatican is easily travelled by foot, so put on your comfortable shoes and stroll around. St. Peter’s basilica and the Vatican Museum are the most attractive areas for visiting. This country is the center of the Catholic Church. If you have got only one day in Vatican, it would be good for you to pre book tickets for sightseeing.

People, who really like reading, can visit library for free. There is also the incredibly interesting picture gallery Pinacoteca, where you can find a lot of famous masterpieces. You’ll have only positive and unforgettable impressions after visiting this little, but very beautiful particle of the world.



Malta is a very picturesque and beautiful country. It is famous for its extraordinary architecture and culture. There are megalithic temples, which are considered to be the oldest in the world. If you want to taste the most unique and delicious food, then welcome to Vatican. A lot of restaurants and cafes offer a large variety of tasty dishes.  It can be yummy Pastizzi, a filo pastry baked with mushy peas and ricotta cheese. It is interesting to know that Malta has been used as a film-location and many movies were made there. If you are also interested in Greek Byzantine structures or Baroque cathedrals, then it is right place to visit. The most striking thing about this country is that the first planned city in Europe is located there. You can just walk around its streets and enjoy its beauty.



If you like skiing and trekking, then Andorra would be nice resort for you. You can enjoy these two kinds of sport in the heart of Pyrenees. If you’re traveling on a budged, this country would be the right choice, which will guarantee you the dream vacation. There is the huge Center Termoludic Caldea, which is situated in the heart of Andorra and it is the largest spa complex in Europe. There you can have a complete relax. In Encamp, which is the geographical center of Andorra, you can visit the National Automobile Museum, which is really worth your attention. It displays a large number of classic vintage cars, antique bicycles, and motorcycles. If you visit Andorra, you will never regret about it.



If you visit this country, you will find the incredibly breathtaking alpine panoramas. There are a lot of places of interest and landmarks.  Vaduz is the main Square of the country and it is the first place to see. There you can find some good restaurants, few shops, and beautiful views.  The city is really clean, and you will walk around it with large pleasure. There you can also find different cathedrals, princely castles, and other attractions. If you are interested in Lichtenstein history, you have to visit National Museum.



Luxemburg steals hearts of many travelers!  There you can taste more than 2,200 different wines in the Restaurant Chiggery which is considered to have the largest wine list in the whole Europe.  The city of Luxembourg is old and incredibly charming with the numerous pedestrianized streets for you to walk around. You have to get out to Vianden Castle, which will definitely impress you a lot. Luxembourg casts a spell over you with its music, flourishing countries, photography and painting. Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial has a lot of information about historic events from WWII. The famous Notre Dame Cathedral is amazing and nice to see. You’ll leave the country with the accomplished feelings.

San Marino


San Marino is surrounded by Italy and there you can open many impressive places to visit. Three fortresses- Cesta, Montale, Guaita have towers from which you can observe fascinating and really beautiful views of the Apennines. There you can buy souvenirs and take a lot of funny photos. There you can find little churches, scenic terraces, charming streets, and other points of interest. San Marino offers you various things and the unique opportunity to explore all its attractions. You should definitely go shopping there to buy high quality local items. San Marino leaves no one indifferent!