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| Published in Hints and Tips | Written by Irene Adler

College Interview: 6 Most Common Questions

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A long time ago, when I was at the college interview, the admission director asked me: “What was the most “out of the box” thought you have ever had?”  I blanked out. But I had no choice, I needed to respond. So, I murmured in reply: “I want to learn how to do a handstand and sing at the same time to impress my classmates.”

Was that weird? Yes. However, the interviewer was interested in my crazy answer, and a 20-minute interview lasted for an hour. I ended up with an acceptance letter.

My experience is an illustration of the way college admission directors don’t want students to fail. The only aim an admission officer really has is to know what kind of child is sitting in front of him/her and whether he/she will be a nice addition to their college.

Below I will list some common interview questions you should master before meeting your admission director.

1) Tell us about yourself

As for me, this is the most complicated question possible. How can you describe yourself and tell about your life in a few sentences? At this point, do your best to avoid trivial things like “I am a good student” or “I am a friendly person.” Obviously, you want to demonstrate that you are social and studios. However, the others are going to do the same thing. So, you have to try to say something really interesting and memorable that makes you different from other applicants. Can you hold your breath for five minutes? Do you have a collection of plastic dinosaurs?

2) Why do you choose our college?

Try to be specific here and demonstrate that you really know why you are interested in this particular college. Avoid answers like “I’ve heard that graduates of your institution get good jobs and earn a lot of money”. You have to show your academic and intellectual interests instead of money interest. Do your research and find out what is so special about the college you are applying to and what makes it different from the others.

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3) Do you have any questions about our college?

I guarantee that an interviewer will provide you with a chance to ask questions. Make sure to have some, and make sure that they are specific. Avoid asking something like “How many majors do you have?” Generally, try to avoid asking something that is available on the college website. You would better ask something like “I know that your college offers a major in the interdisciplinary studies. Tell me more about that, please.”

4) Who is a person who influenced you in your life the most?

This answer may take various forms . For example, what well-known person or character you would like to be like? Who is you hero? This question may confuse you if you have never thought about it before. So, take your time considering what answer you would give. Think about historical, real, and fictional characters you like and be prepared to tell WHY you like them.

5) Tell me about a challenge you overcame in your life

This one is to learn how you can solve problems and what exactly a challenge is for you.  When you face difficulties how do you handle them? A lot of challenges are expecting for you at college, so the committee wants to make sure that you can handle them.

6) What are your hobbies and interests?

“Chilling with my dudes” is not an answer, even if it is your greatest interest. A college life is not only about studying. So, the committee wants to know if you are going to do something interesting and productive when you are not studying. Do you like playing football? Travelling? Writing essays, poems? Drawing? This question will help you demonstrate that you have a variety of interests.

In a word, make your answers specific and creative to show what is so special about you and why you are the best to be a student at this college. Good luck with your interview!