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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Patricia May

Best Companies to Work for in the UK in 2018

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If your graduation is soon enough and you are looking for the best graduate scheme, you’re on the right page. There is a list of top 50 best places to work in the UK  featured by ClassDoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards. Read on to know how to get the most suitable job place in one of the leading UK’s companies.


2018 has already become a successful year for Google as the previous year ranked the thirteenth position for the company. Reaching the first place Google is described as the company where the employees are trusted. On the first day of work, you will be surprised how much you will be shown. Employees share confidential information. Each employee knows what’s going on in the company. This approach contributes to increase positive team spirit, lack of intrigue and competition.

Of course, such approach seems like a terrible dream for most companies. They can be understood, but Google emphasizes “Our people are our greatest value.” And it works!

Google’s Guide does not control every employee’s step. Even more, under certain conditions, they are allowed to be free in their thoughts and actions. This increases the ability to work among subordinates. One can only imagine how it works when nobody is “above you” and does not indicate how to do better. After all, for some people, control limits the ability to do their job effectively.

2.Anglian Water

Anglian Water is the company which supplies water to the eastern counties of the UK. The company is located in Cambridgeshire, in 2017 won the Responsible Business of the Year Award.  Anglian Water is highly recommended to work in. One of the employees says: “I was surprised how friendly staff welcomed me. It’s a pleasure to work there without pressure and with an extremely supportive environment.”


Bromford is based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, it offers specialist housing support services. There are things you may look for:

Helpful colleagues;

Spacious office;

Good pensions;

Great benefits package.

Their employees describe the company as the “perfect place to work in”. Although, Bromford doesn’t provide any graduate schemes.


Another great company-giant is Facebook. There are lots of good responses from the employees. Many people make their life goal to work in this company. You can apply for the place in product and marketing management, production design, software engineering and UX research. One of their employees said: “I couldn’t imagine that work can be a place where I enjoy taking challenges, learn new thing and develop myself personally and professionally”.


Taking the fifth place in this year GlassDoor’s table, Salesforce is highly praised for its perfect company culture. Innovations, trust, equality, and transparency are the main values in the company. What is more important there is no employee who is not committed to those values.  Salesforce is a perfect place to work straight away after the graduation. One employee wrote: “ When I graduated I was happy to become the member of this big family. A family which gave me a great growth during a short period. I feel like I learn a lot constantly, and the results are pretty good”.


Based in Stretford, Lookers company has gained a favorable reputation of a car dealership. Around 90 % of company’s employees wrote their reviews that they would definitely recommend Lookers to their friends as a reliable place in the UK to work in with good annual leave.

7. Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial is a famous company in the UK, earned its seventh position for being a trustworthy provider of hygiene services, plants, scenting and commercial pest control services. There are the graduate programs, which last around 2-3 years. They offer graduates to try themselves in the positions which can be their life-long places to work.

8. Hiscox

Hiscox is a leading insurance company with the main office in Bermuda (although there are several offices across the UK).  One of their employees posted: ” I always wonder how our team manages to give such a great result, work hard and do our job to the best of our abilities and still have the desire to share cheerful mood with each other”. Another one also said: “Everyone has a task, but there is a plenty of staff who can help you with anything you ask them, being surrounded by such friendly working environment makes me push harder every day”.


Worldwide famous Apple company has got the ninth position in 2018 top ten best places to work in the UK. Read on the following advantages of working in Apple company.

By working with Apple, you feel that you’re influencing the world.

Apple works with smart and talented people.

Apple is set up as a startup, not as a big corporation.

High salary levels in many positions.

It’s good to work even part-time.

After working in Apple, it’s easier to find a job anywhere else.

You can eat good food at work (although it’s not free).

Employees in Apple easily communicate with each other.

You achieve great results for the timeframe.

The corporation has an excellent general manager.

There is a lack of micromanagement.

Review from Apple employee: “I get amazing experience every day. Working with such smart and creative people develops the desire to give best that you can to this company. You know that every contribution can evolve into something great”.

10. HomeServe UK

Head office of HomeServe is based in the West Midlands, the company got overall score 4.3 from GlassDoor for being successful in a home emergency repairs business. The atmosphere among the staff is supportive and friendly. They care about every customer.