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Author: Tracy R. Baro

| Published in Travel and Love | Written by Tracy R. Baro

Countries, which students can travel in one single day

Traveling is an essential part of our life, certainly. People find out more about different cultures, traditions and customs while traveling. We often make a list of adorable countries, which we want to visit at least once. Just write down various points of interest the countries you dream to see. There are a lot of places you can visit, but it can be difficult for...

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| Published in Education in the World | Written by Tracy R. Baro

The Easiest Way to Deal with Swiss Education

As you know, Switzerland is the country with actually no natural resources. So, it is nothing surprising that the main resource for the whole country to survive is knowledge. As the result, Switzerland improved their education to the highest level. Today, Switzerland educational system and conditions claim to be ones of the best in the world. Also, it is known that the conditions for education...

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| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by Tracy R. Baro

Europe vs USA: Where to Study?

You get your higher education only once, so it is important to choose a suitable environment that enriches your long journey to the adult life. Ambitious young people enter colleges and universities with their personal objectives and goals. So, there is no such country that could be defined the 'best' one. As for the American and European systems, there are pros and cons in both of them....

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