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Author: Wade Tackett

| Published in Education in the World | Written by Wade Tackett

Education in China: Unbelievable Facts

These days education in China looks really impressive, especially if we consider the stunning scores Chinese students got on a recent international testing. The Program for International Student Assessment test students from 65 countries in Math, Reading, and Science. Last time, the number one in all three categories was China. For example, the USA ranked 25th in reading, 23rd in science and 28th in math....

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| Published in Study Once Again | Written by Wade Tackett

Informative Essay: The Debate over Gun Control

An informative essay about gun control means that you have to describe both points of view and clearly present every position about the controversial question. Informative essay is different from an argumentative one since it is composed to inform your reader about the topic. Thus, a writer can choose any strategy: comparing and contrasting or providing a definition. As for the debate over the gun...

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| Published in Education News | Written by Wade Tackett

Every Suomi Teacher Says...

“We either teach the kids adult life, or teach how to pass the exams. We chose the first,”  Triennially, a reputable Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) runs an international testing of students’ educational level worldwide. According to the most recent examination, Finnish pupils turned out to have the best academic skill among all. Plus, they are the most “reading” kids, and are rated...

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| Published in Education News | Written by Wade Tackett

US Higher Education. Just facts

Perhaps the following post will be more interesting for foreign applicants, however, we hope that American students will learn and discover something new and interesting as well. Today, the USA higher education is considered to be one of the best in the World and each year more and more students from other countries go to get it. And it is not accidental… There are no...

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