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Author: Wade Tackett

| Published in Education News | Written by Wade Tackett

10 Things Each Freshman Faced in College (at Least Once)

I'm definitely sure that each student faced with similar situations at least once in his/her live! Or even more than just once... "Guys! We have 5 classes today!" Forgot headphones at home! "Does anyone know where our class is?"  When you want to sleep more than to live That moment when classes were canceled Hmmmm... What if teachers give us nicknames too? When classes are too interesting......

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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Wade Tackett

The Most Unusual Schools in the World

So, you seriously think your school leaves much to be desired? After finding out about these five hands down weird educational establishments, you’ll reconsider your attitude towards where you study or have been studying previously. Chances are high you’ll think of your school as it was Hogwarts in comparison to some of the venues listed in this article. Shall we proceed now? Let’s start with...

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