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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Irene Adler

Advertising Copywriters Unlock Their Secrets

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Advertising texts are examples of unalloyed piece of writing. Everything which is written there is the result of author’s hour’s-long work and repeated attempts to create original and convincing text. At times, it may be hell difficult, since as Aldous Huxley once said that a professional copywriter faces a real challenge trying to sell on paper a product, nobody even thinks of buying yet.

Worse luck, there are no handbooks that can teach everyone who feels like writing advertising texts, how to make them winning ones. Still, over the years of practice, copywriters have compiled some effective tips.

All of them have their puzzle boxes, where they keep secrets of effective advertising texts. Here are 5 the most productive ones.

Style and glamor

What are you looking forward to, once work-week has just begun? Lunch? Evening? No! On Monday, the majority starts counting days to weekends. Or if there is some holiday close at hand, then it becomes a long-desired day. Since our life is monotonous, all people like holidays or hot for an entertaining life of the celebrities. Therefore, one marketing manager held it out to advertise products as if they were celebrities.

Marketing buzz supported with success story

It is hard to beat jungle telegraph. No ad will make such boom around product or service as it will do a word-of-mouth publicity. As for marketing, these should be short stories with “happy ending” or the ones connected with goal achievement. There are writing companies at the top of my head. Recently a friend of mine has applied to Academic-Writing only because the site had selected rather convincing, positive testimonials.

Actually, this story is one more advertising trick –first-person storytelling, though a world-old one but very effective.

On the same wavelength

If you are a newcomer in advertising copywriting, bite on that ad text should apply to the targeted audience first. It may be difficult to resist chanting praises of the product or service, still you should talk the audience into reading. The best way to do it is to come into contact with people by showing that you understand their needs.

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Bust stereotypes

Printed ads and commercials swim with clichés, which, fairly speaking, have cloyed. Remember this slogan “keep calm and…” Once fresh and original it grew to hackneyed phrase, used by everyone and their dog. Experienced copywriter knows that stereotypes need to be challenged, even if it is a pop saying. Act by contradiction – it always works!

Use comparisons

Use metaphors or similes to make a bright image of the product or service you offer. Examples, if well-thought-out, make the reader see uniqueness of the product, thus making it more memorable.

Want to excite your rivals’ envy and customers’ desire to make an order, then use these tips.