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| Published in Technology | Written by Thomas Stroup

7 Tools for Writing on Your iPhone

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Some people are assured that to make a way as a writer one needs nothing more than a simple text editor. However, there are some handful tools that may help you.

Having a possibility to type super-fast on your iPhone’s touch screen keyboard is a skill that will make you able to do a lot of writing, outlining, and editing. Check out some great tools for writing on your iPhone.


If you need a simple plain-text editor, you should try Elements. It suits for your iOS that synchronizes your files to a Dropbox. This tool has a word and line count, auto-saving, TextExpander Touch support, a scratchpad. Downloading this application, you will have an ability to create, view, and edit your Markdown files, and much more.

In a word, this app provides a number of great features for plain-text files.

Notesy for Dropbox

Here is another editor for plain texts that synchronizes your files to Dropbox. One of the greatest things about Notesy is that it has an option of previewing Markdown files with your CSS, subfolders, enhanced search, and a possibility to view links, like pages and phone numbers.

Generally, Notecy is one of the most convenient plain-text editors for the iPhone.

CarbonFin Outliner

If you are used to outline your ideas before you start writing, one of the easiest ways to do that using your iPhone is with the help of CarbonFin Outliner. It has a nice interface and gives you a possibility to create main and secondary items, move them, make notes to them, and more.

It is not very convenient to sync to a Dropbox using CarbonFin’s website, but there is nothing better for outlining.


A good essay writer always carries around his/her mind maps along at all times. The tool called iThoughts will help you make a mind-map. The interface of this app is convenient and simple. It is quite easy to add items to map, to create sub-headings you just have to double tap the return key or spacebar.

So, if you need a main-mapping suit to write down your ideas at any time – you are recommended to try iThoughts.

Day One

Day One is works as a personal diary or logging application. Logging your day is a good idea for writers, who have a good habit of writing down everything they see and feel daily.  This app will help you logging super fast and easy: clicking a “plus” button you can add a new entry.

This app may be used as your personal Twitter: anything you are thinking internally can be noted with the help of Day One. (Read also: Top 5 School Summer Camp 2015 In Arkansas)

Day One can be also synced via Dropbox and is has a reminder system to help you remember to write something important down. Of course, there is a password lock to hide your diary entries, so you can feel free to write something really personal there.

If you want to be good at writing, you have to practice every day. Day One may come in handy.

Nebulous Notes

Nebulous is a great text editor that offers different fonts, colors and backgrounds for your notes. The best thing about this app is that it has a scrollable bar on the keyboard top so you can place tabs, date functions, asterisks, etc.

TextExpander Touch

If you find a desktop expansion cool, than TextExpander is a tool of your dream. This application allows to program small parts of the text as ways to expand anything you need.

For instance, if you want to program your address, you can make a small note expand to your address. TextExpander helps you to make your writing faster, and it works with other 50 iOS applications.

These seven tools are excellent when it comes to writing and planning on your iPhone. So, stay mobile and keep writing!