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| Published in Education News | Written by Thomas Stroup

7 Dumbest Courses You Can Take at One of the US Universities Today

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Math? History? Arts? Culture? Nah, it’s better to learn about Cyberporn and Society (State University of New York at Buffalo), Zombies in Popular Media (Columbia College), or Getting Dressed (Princeton). Sounds ridiculous? Parents sending their children to Princeton Academy also think that way, especially when their offspring come from college for holidays and the only fine grades they have are in Zombie Biology or Shoestory.

  1. Learning from YouTube (Pitzer College). With nearly about three dozen students in a group, young minds spend hours watching YouTube videos, posting comments, and uploading shots of their own. When does the study itself start? Exactly where common sense ends.
  2. How to Watch Television (Montclair). The very fact US children watch TV more than read books or play with friends outside isn’t disturbing enough. At college, they will be taught how actually to evaluate the role of television in their lives, TV’s impact on culture, etc.
  3. Sport for the Spectator (The Ohio State University). Did you know nearly 40% of American schoolchildren are not fit enough to pass physical tests both at school and college? It seems like educational authorities are clearly not aware of that figure, as otherwise there is no explanation to a course dedicated to enjoying the pleasures of being a spectator at a sports event.
  4. Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur (University of Washington). The man is a legendary personality, a songwriter, and musician. But are his works so bookish to relate them to literature? By the way, the University of California Berkeley and Harvard also offer courses dedicated to Tupac. Who’s next – Jay-Z or Biebs? That would be the sun-down of education and the last nail in its coffin.
  5. GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity (The University of South Carolina). Yes, there is a college class on Lady Gaga. Pop culture is now hitting the education, as if it’s not suffering enough of constant damages to reputation and quality. Students analyze in a form of essay writing how the musician pushes social boundaries away. And this is not the end! Guess how many top universities offer this course? Four! The University of South Carolina (above mentioned), the University of Virginia, the Arizona State University and Wake Forest University.
  6. What If Harry Potter Is Real? (Appalachian State University). Well, the hard truth is, Harry Potter is a fictional character living in a fictional land where other fictional characters practice fictional magic. However, some students beg to differ and somehow they manage to mix history and teenage novel to understand the patterns of time. Mind. Blown.
  7. Science of Superheroes (UC Irvine). A pretty much peculiar subject… for a four-year-old. But at college students are supposed to study useful and practical stuff that makes their life adult, not dull. Unfortunately, popularity of the course tells a completely different story, where students are glad to learn complete nonsense about superheroes rather than serious things useful in life and career. (Read also about: How Much Time Has to Be Spent on Education?)

At the end of the day, there are hundreds more brainless subjects students are offered at college including study of the Klingon language and philosophy of Star Trek, gender-bending and cross-dressing, cartoons, comics, etc. Now, is there a superhero to save these people?