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5 Reasons to Enter Ivy League

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A strong basis of the British higher education system and the American go-go spirit, love of all new things along with a positive scientificcompetition. This unique combination allowed creating a world-famous association of eight private American universities known as the Ivy League.

According to the Ivies have been included into the top 15 colleges and universities in the United States constantly confirming their elite status and high quality of the education offered.

The Ivy League includes only those universities that withstood the test of time (as at least 150 years have passed from the moment of their establishment). The Ivies public image is so impressive that the graduates find employment in prestigious companies and organizations and build great careers almost immediately on graduation.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some US presidents and Nobel Prize winners in Economics, Physics, Physiology and Medicine among the Ivies graduates.

The Ivy Leagueuniversitiesin order offoundation:

  • Harvard University, Cambridge (1636);
  • Yale University, New Haven (1701);
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (1740);
  • Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (1746);
  • Columbia University, New York (1754);
  • Brown University, Providence (1764);
  • Dartmouth College, Hanover (1769);
  • Cornell University, Ithaca (1865).

Without delving into the history of the association, weare going to focuson the benefits the students of these eight privatenortheasternuniversitiesof America can enjoy.


The Ivies private colleges and universities receive funding from various charitable foundations. Note that it’s common to allocate significant funds for supporting talented young people and prestigious educational institutions in the United States. For example, in 2012 Princeton’s budget amounted to $ 16 billion!


The Ivies are famous for conducting extensive researches in various branches of fundamental and applied sciences. Thus, major enterprises (especially those working in innovative fields of industry) are lavish in donating money to the Ivy League colleges and universities promoting their development.

Winning the grants Ivies spend money onthe infrastructure development and updating of thetechnology base. That’s why, the Ivies students can gain skillsin modernclassrooms and laboratories packed with the latest equipment while pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees in about 2000 fields!

Practical training

The students get invaluable experience while having practical training in the best companies of the United States. They have a unique opportunity to approve themselves in practice and get advice from experts while there are always big chances to receive an offer of employment from the company where they undergo a practical training.

Campus life

Ivies achieved great success in providing comfort and safety for the students. All the Ivy League universities offer accommodation in the hostels while on-campus life includes various fraternities. The buildings are equipped with libraries, dining halls, study rooms and assembly premises. As for the libraries, they account for more than 11 million copies of books, most of which were converted into digitized copies!


Yes, it’s expensive (a tuition fee at Harvard comes to $ 52,000 a year), but sometimes grants cover 100% of fees! You just need to convince an admission committee with your essay. Moreover, you need to provide documents proving your academic performance as well as letters of recommendations and documents about your participation in academic competitions, achievements in sport, etc.