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Month: February 2019

| Published in Interesting Facts Travel and Love | Written by Patricia May

10 Things to Know before Your Travel to Japan

So, you are travelling to Japan. This enigmatic country attracts tourists from all over the world, as it’s literarily built on contrasts. Only here you can find the blend of old traditions and new technology, gorgeous natural landscapes and ultramodern cities, unusual culture and language that are so distinct. So to avoid unpleasant surprises or disappointments, here are some things you should know about Japan…

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| Published in Education News Interesting Facts | Written by Irene Adler

10 Nations that Will Impress You with Their Intelligence

According to some researchers, nations vary greatly in average citizen intelligence. Some even claim that there is a strong link between the intelligent quotient and the economic development of a particular country. Here is the list of the smartest countries in the world. Find out what exactly influences such ranking. Singapore (average IQ-108) The fact that Singapore was one of the poorest states in the…

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