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Month: October 2018

| Published in Education in the World Interesting Facts | Written by Patricia May

Education in Canada

If talking about the education system in Canada, we discover that it has many common characteristics to other countries. Any student may obtain the education in a variety of universities, and most of the higher educational institutions are provided and funded by the local, provincial and federal governments. Career colleges, community colleges, technical colleges, language schools, universities, private and charter schools, university colleges and other…

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| Published in Interesting Facts Travel and Love WorldWide News | Written by Thomas Stroup

5 Poorest Countries in the World

Among the poorest regions in the world, we can name a few that are truly on the brink of a crisis, due to their economic and political state. Other regions are underdeveloped and mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa, where people are not provided with decent working conditions and suffer from chronical diseases… Madagascar. One of the largest islands in the world, Madagascar remains one of…

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