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Month: May 2018

| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by Irene Adler

Top 4 unsolved mysteries

From the Monsters of the Deep to the mystery of Mary Celeste, we have gathered a few charming puzzles to blow your mind. You can either believe the unbelievable or let your imagination flow as you make wild guesses about the world’s biggest riddles. The following list contains some of the most shocking episodes in the history of our race: The Mary Celeste. Nobody knows…

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| Published in Education in the World Top10 | Written by James Macaluso

Top 10 Best Universities in Latin America 2018

The list of the best universities in 2018 appeared from The QS Latin America University Rankings. It features 400 of the region’s top universities. There is a special methodology, which assesses the performance of each university in seven indicators and uses five basic criteria. The last ones are internationalization, teaching commitment, online impact, and since the 2017 edition, research impact and productivity, employability. Pontificia Universidad Católica…

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