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Month: October 2015

| Published in Art Education News Top10 | Written by Thomas Stroup

TOP 5 Best Fashion Schools in the US

Can’t wait to visit the latest fashion show? Know all fashion magazines by heart? Dream about being a part of big fashion events in NYC or LA? If you are a real fashionista who are thinking about future education in the fashion field, here’s TOP 5 best US schools to consider. We’ve chosen 5 best fashion institutions all around the country. Certainly, good schools are…

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| Published in Education in the World | Written by Patricia May

Education in Egypt: A Brief Review and Interesting Facts

The entire education system of  Egypt is very interesting and unique. There were three cultural and educational heritages that formed Egyptian education: Islamic Egyptian, secular Egyptian, and British factors. Thanks to British protectorate Egypt has a very interesting and well-controlled system nowadays. However, some time ago education here was the privilege of the elite of the country. For others, there were not many ways to…

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