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Month: September 2015

| Published in Education News | Written by Wade Tackett

10 Things Each Freshman Faced in College (at Least Once)

I’m definitely sure that each student faced with similar situations at least once in his/her live! Or even more than just once… “Guys! We have 5 classes today!” Forgot headphones at home! “Does anyone know where our class is?”  When you want to sleep more than to live That moment when classes were canceled Hmmmm… What if teachers give us nicknames too? When classes are too interesting……

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| Published in WorldWide News | Written by Guest Contributor

6 things that define life in US colleges

USA is considered one of the best locations to pursue higher education by students from across the world. The country attracts the highest number of international students every year. The reason is simple: they have the best colleges in the best environment with the best educational system in the world. According to the QS World University Ranking 2014, USA has 6 out of top 10…

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| Published in Education in the World Technology | Written by Irene Adler

Is It Possible to Survive College without Social Media?

What’s the longest time you’ve been without social media? A few minutes? A few hours? Or maybe a few months? It’s hard to believe, but in our super digital age I met a student from NY who has gone without a profile on Facebook for about a year. To be honest, college can be the most sociable period of students’ life. How would you know…

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