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Month: April 2015

| Published in Study Once Again | Written by Tracy R. Baro

A Guide to Writing Scientific Essays

Like almost all rules, there are cases where breaking them is a good idea, however, there are few general and cute points about scientific paper you should know and try to adhere… 1. Focus on your structure. Every good essay should have a point to reach a conclusion. Also, your essay should make a real argument. Your main goal is to convince the reader that…

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| Published in Education News | Written by Wade Tackett

Every Suomi Teacher Says…

“We either teach the kids adult life, or teach how to pass the exams. We chose the first,”  Finnish Education Triennially, a reputable Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) runs an international testing of students’ educational level worldwide. According to the most recent examination, Finnish pupils turned out to have the best academic skill among all. Plus, they are the most “reading” kids, and…

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| Published in Education in the World Interesting Facts | Written by Thomas Stroup

30 Facts on Education in Japan – Maybe We Should Even Adopt Anything

One may call it a stereotype, but Japanese kids do study all the time. First – to enter a prestigious school. Then – to enroll into a prestigious university. Then – to get a prestigious job. The better education a Japanese young person has, the higher the chances to succeed in life. Moreover, given 72% of families in Japan fall into the middle class having…

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| Published in Interesting Facts | Written by James Macaluso

Top Careers Available With No High School Diploma

There is a statement that you can’t even dream about a great career without a high school diploma. Indeed, it is not true. There are lots of examples of people building great businesses with no degrees and diplomas. Honestly, mostly these are the cases of luck or really great mental abilities. On the other side, there are many examples of people who worked hard, believing…

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