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| Published in Education in the World | Written by Patricia May

12 Facts About South Korean Students

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Recently, a well-known test which is called Pisa has shown that the South Korean students have the best results in the world. Some students in this country have to spend up to 11 hours learning every day. It is incredible. Now you can probably understand why South Korean students have great results.

Let’s look at 12 amazing facts about student flow in South Korea:

1. Korea is one of the biggest sources of international students to the U.S. It takes a third place to China and India.

2. There were more than 70,000 students from S. K., who were studying on U.S. campuses during 2012-2013. Due to a low ranking of Korean universities, young people have no other choice but to move abroad, pay more for studying hoping to get a decent higher education.

3. In Korea, parent dream of their children studying in the U.S, colleges. They spend a lot of money on private and public schools and hire the best tutors to give their children a proper education. This is why, South Korean students are so dedicated writing papers, learning subjects, and improving their English to finally enter one of the universities in the U.S.

4. A lot of South Korean students would love to study in the UK, however, studying in those prestigious institutes requires a really high cost of living. Still, according to the statistics, South Korean families spent $20 billion on their children private education.

5. The statistic shows that South Koreans are 31% of all foreign students, who attend independent schools abroad.

6. Lately, South Korean students, whose goal is to study abroad, started considering attending schools and universities in Canada. However, the U.S. institutions are open to welcome South Koreans students every year.

7. In 2012, United Stated was the country number one for South Koreans youngsters. There were more than 30% of young people from Korea, who joined the U.S. institutions. The rest South Koreans chose other countries: almost 9% have gone to China, 8.5% to Japan, and 7% to Australia. Actually, the last country has a big impact on South Korean students and their parents by insistently marketing Australian institutions.

8. At the moment, South Korean students have to look for institutions in Philippines or Malta, as long as the study in the U.S, Japan, Canada and Australia becomes more expensive every single year. Still, low cost of education in Philippines or Malta does not really attract students, even though they can study in English. The statistics proves it and shows that there were only 1.2% of South Korean students, who entered universities in the Philippines.

9. Those South Korean students, who come back to their motherland after finishing studying in the U.S., are in the bigger demand among employers than graduates from local universities.

10. Over the last 15 years, China has become the second favored country for South Korean students.

11. Nowadays, more and more South Korean companies are looking for employees, who speak fluent English and Chinese, as long as China has become the first trading partner for the country.

12. Despite such big popularity of South Korean youngsters migrating abroad to get a higher education, after returning home they find out, that some of the local companies prefer to cooperate with less expensive graduates.

In the conclusion, we can say that South Korean students are extremely dedicated and hard working.

Studying 11 hours every day plus attending private lessons with the best tutors hoping to enter one of the most popular universities in the United States take a lot of patience. Hopefully, those children will make their dreams come true and get what they deserve!