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10 Nations that Will Impress You with Their Intelligence

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According to some researchers, nations vary greatly in average citizen intelligence. Some even claim that there is a strong link between the intelligent quotient and the economic development of a particular country. Here is the list of the smartest countries in the world. Find out what exactly influences such ranking.

Singapore (average IQ-108)

The fact that Singapore was one of the poorest states in the whole world half a century ago is really mind-boggling. But it is due to the high-quality educational system that this country managed to become a global powerhouse after it gained its independence. Singaporeans strongly believe that education is a deciding factor for success in this information age. That`s why the government puts a high emphasis on the quality of teachers, style of teaching, and competitive environment for educators. So, it turns out that the secret of Singapore`s thriving economy lies in the academic success of its citizens.

South Korea (average IQ-106)

South Koreans truly value education as they see it as a primary avenue to have a better life and improve your individual`s and family`s social status. It`s no wonder they are so smart. Just imagine – the average high school student generally has classes from about 8 am until 9.30 pm or even 10 pm. What is more, there is a proverb there saying that ‘teachers are as high as God’. High-quality education is a means of achieving such technological superiority.

Japan (average IQ-105)

The Japanese government gives bigger portions for the world of education. In spite of the fact that they place an emphasis on theory rather than practical skills, it is this traditional approach that helped Japanese students outperform their counterparts from different corners of the world. According to De Mente, Japanese are able to use both sides of their brains that gives them the significant advantages over strictly left-brained people.

China (average IQ-105)

The remarkable results in educational tests prove that China has an education system that is overtaking many Western countries. In this clever country, the idea is so deeply rooted that education is the key to mobility and success. The skill of working hard, discipline, and respect for those above them in position or age are three principals that all Chinese kids should adapt from early childhood. But the main reason why Chinese become leaders in science, culture, and art is that they are taught that they should be the best at whatever they do.

Taiwan (average IQ-104)

It is really surprising that education standards on this island are higher than in China. Due to the high intelligent quotient, high college acceptance rate, and impressive math and science scores, this country is one of the smartest in the world. Cultural value for education and heavy investment has propelled this resource-poor nation to consistently top in global education rankings.

Italy (average IQ-102)

Italians are considered to be the smartest nation in the whole of Western Europe. They have been making gift after gift to the world`s thought, culture, and cuisine. So, what is the source of their intellect? They just learned how to minimize the efforts, maximize the results, and reason in everything they do. Did you know that the first microprocessor in the world, the first battery, and the first PC were invented by Italians?

Iceland (average IQ-101)

Icelanders are so smart because of their hard-working nature. This trait may be rooted in the Viking origins, or from living and working in a harsh terrain for centuries. They traditionally value knowledge of the outside world highly. Icelanders even have the world`s most Noble Prize winners per capita. Despite having only one winner, as one in 300,000 is still the world`s best ratio of Nobel laureates.


Mongolia (average IQ-101)

The fact that Mongolians were once the greatest empire in the world history proves that they are really intelligent. They value intelligence highly and support everybody who shows an aptitude for learning. They are resourceful and fast at learning, which is attributed to their nomadic roots. Mongolians have done some extraordinary things that have never been done before. Did you know that they were one of the few nomadic nations which had the alphabet and written culture?

Switzerland (average IQ-101)

Switzerland is a home to some of the smartest people on the planet. This country has produced 25 Nobel laureates out of a population of around eight million. The Swiss are keenly aware of their lack of natural resources. But they are not disappointed at all! They say that people are Switzerland`s natural resources.

Austria (average IQ-100)

Austria has been always considered to be a country for brilliant intellectuals, artists, scholars, and politicians. Austrians’ intelligence has to do with their high-quality education, entertainment, lifestyles, and even eating habits. Furthermore, their educational system, which is largely oriented toward the needs of the business world, is numbered among the best in the world.