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10 Countries With the Best Quality of Life

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It is obvious that all countries differ in terms of living standards and general life satisfaction. Have you ever wondered, what does a population`s wellbeing depend on? Education, financial wealth, work-life balance, safety, environmental quality, political stability, and health care are the determining factors. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has listed the countries with the best quality of life. Let`s find out, which counties treat all their citizens well through all phrases of their life.


A lot of people dream about living in Norway and it not surprising as this country is on the very top of this list. This country can boast of its great life expectancy, tight-knit community, opportunities for self-development, high-quality education, and employment rates. Almost all its citizens are equal and their family income is even higher than the average. People take care of their surrounding because it is a true gift to live in such natural beauty. The average life expectancy amounts to 82 years.


People in Australia are really happy to be citizens of this country. The great student performance, high household income, and above-average employment rates make this land perfect for living. It is interesting that people have a strong sense of community as almost 95% of Australians know somebody they can rely on.


In spite of that fact that its household income is lower that the OECD average Denmark is a great country to live in. Danes have high scores in all categories. They are satisfied with quality of their life due to the high-quality educational system and employment of the population. Moreover, only 2% of Danes work very long hours.


Living in Switzerland is idyllic. Its unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world and the household income is higher than the average. The average life expectancy in Switzerland is at 83 years old. Such index is one of the highest in the OECD.


You may wonder why this country is a home to a large immigrant community. It is just obvious that life is good there. Canada`s educational system performs well as 90% of Canadians aged 25-64 have completed the secondary education. This country also ranks high in affordable housing, strong sense of community, high household income, and life expectancy.


Sweden`s employment rate is even higher than the OECD average. Only 1% of all employees work very long hours. Sweden`s citizens have a high level of civic engagement. This country is top ranked in the world in terms of happiness and living standards.

New Zealand

This country is notable for its sense of community. Almost all its citizens have somebody to rely on while having some troubles. Due to its low population, the greenhouse emissions are relatively low. New Zealand performs well in many measures of well-being. It ranks above the average in education, employment, income, personal security, and civic engagement.


Life is really great in Finland. Its life expectancy at birth is almost 81 years. Finland ranks above average in education, personal security, jobs, subjective well-being, and environmental quality. Only 4% of all citizens work very long hours.

The United States

This country ranks at the top in overall life quality, housing, wealth, employment rate, and income. It is impressive that 90% of the population aged 25-64 is well educated. Americans are more satisfied with the living standards in their country than the OECD average.


Despite the fact that the Icelandic population is about 300,000 people, this country has many things to be proud of. Iceland has the lowest unemployment rate in the OECD. The percentage of unemployment is at nearly 0, 7%. Icelanders run almost 85% of their energy from renewable sources.