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10 Best Cars for College Students

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It is hard to describe the perfect car for a student, as all of us have own ideas and opinions about how it should look like. Different strokes for different folks. The needs, students seek to meet, also differ. There is one common point – students look for something affordable, economical and unique at the same time!

Sure. Buying a car is a certainly important process for every student, and it is much more complicated task than even writing your essays 🙂 For that reason we selected several pretty good cars, on our opinion, you should pay attention to.  Hope it will simplify, at least in some way, your complicated task now:

Let’s start with Ford Fiesta.

This subcompact car with turbocharged EcoBoost three-cylinder can engine and the 5-speed manual gearbox is one of the most practical options to choose. Look at Ford Fiesta ST if you need something more powerful and sporting. The starting prices for the Fiesta are over $14,000. This hatchback is nimble on the road, so you can enjoy your driving.

Mazda MX-5 Miata is a real legend among sports cars.

The rear-wheel Miata has been considered as one of the best handling cars. Extremely low curb weight combined with 155 horsepower is a secret how the car gets to 60 miles per hour in six seconds.  The weak side both of older and newer Miatas is the lack of cargo area and no back seats, but nevertheless, not all of the modern students need them.

And what about electric cars?

It’s a great choice if you spend bigger part of your time in a city. With Nissan Leaf your driving will bring a lot of pleasure and be an amazing experience. The car is reliable in the use and don’t involve big fuel costs. Besides, many universities are interested in the popularization of electric cars, they offer EV charging for free and parking permits.

Volkswagen Beetles may be characterized as the out-of-time cars, as driving the Beetle is always trendy.

Nowadays various models of this legendary car are available on the market, and prices for them start at $3,000. It doesn’t need some special care to keep running, and you can go almost wherever you want by this car. No doubts, you will enjoy driving from the first to the last moment.

Nissan Versa is a wonderful sedan with a simple design and the most essential amenities.

The starting price ranges from $10,000, and it is absolutely reasonable. The car is worth every dollar you pay for it. In general you will get power windows and door locks, AM/FM/CD audio system with auxiliary audio input jack, Vehicle Dynamic Control with Traction Control System and so on. That’s why students often think over the Versa.

Toyota 4Runner will suit those people who prefer strength and excellent technical specifications.

The design of this car can hardly be called the strongest point, but the enormously low price compensates for it. You can buy older models of 4Runner for about $2,000. There are almost no places for this car where you can’t go. And it is well worth the effort!

You shouldn’t expect something unbelievable from Toyota Prius.

This car is 100% reliable for driving, and it allows economizing the fuel, in what students are often interested. The five door car will come in handy if you need to transport something. In addition, the price for the Prius starts at $4,000.

There is some charm in driving Mustang (Fox Body Hatchback).

The cars of such type make people look back, as they are magnetizing to a certain extent.  They aren’t as good at their reliability as the majority of modern cars, but their price (starts at $3,500) is an attractive one.

Choosing the best car, college students should also take a look at Chevrolet Aveo.

This American car with front-wheel drive and transverse front-engine is stylish and pretty economical. You can use it for having fun trips with your friends.

The Smart ForTwo will be liked by people who are not fond of bulky and massive cars.

Such small vehicles are popular among city residents; they have 36 MPG and the prices at the level of $11,000-$12,000. Not bad for you.